Pricing request form

The initial pricing model enables you to obtain a price that is very similar to the final price, and this depends on the accuracy of the data provided and the images that help the specialist in assessing the situation, until you get a clear and final price. I am keen to provide everything that can help us.

You will receive the quote via mail or WhatsApp, and it contains additional details that show you whether this is a final or preliminary quote. If it is preliminary, one of our engineers must have the honor of visiting you to inspect, match, and provide the final quote.

Instructions for submitting a quote request:

1- Make sure to write the detailed address clearly and accurately. The city is different from the governorate, village, and village. Take comfort in writing the address and nearby landmarks.

2- Make the area of ​​the pool installation area as accurate as possible. It cannot be estimated from pictures.

A picture of the installation location and a picture of the entrance and fence:

In the photo of the pool location, leave an appropriate distance between you and the installation location. Make sure that the surroundings are clear to see the surroundings so that we can estimate the obstacles, if any. In the specified location, place lines if you can through the image editor on the mobile phone.

The picture of the fence is from the outside, from an appropriate distance to show the entrance, the fence, and the perimeter.

The last picture is the most important picture, through which you can clearly show everything such as: the location of the equipment’s access, the entrance to the gate, the installation location, the fence, obstacles, etc.

You can take the picture from the roof, or a high place next to you. In the following picture is an example from which we can see the street, the installation location, the fence, the entrance, and the obstacle (iron shade). 

Get a quote for your pool

Drag and drop files here or
Max Image Size: 20 MB
A wide image placed where you want to install the pool
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Max Image Size: 20 MB
An external photo to show the entrance and fence
Drag and drop files here or
Max Image Size: 20 MB
A picture from the roof of the building or from a high place
What is approved is the detailed description at the top. Select the location here for matching and approximation. Zoom in and zoom out to move around. Grab the pin and drag it to be with you in the map frame when you reach the installation area. Zoom in and place the pin on the location.
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