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We provide you with a wide variety of equipment, technologies and accessories and all that concerns swimming pools and their accessories, starting with the basics like pumps, heating systems, filters, ladders and slides, etc. and ending with all details of the pool and some tools like fountains, searchlights, chlorine boxes with all its types in addition to cleaning tools.

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Swimming Pool Products

We are distinguished by a wide range of fiberglass pool products. We have always been pioneers in product innovation. Once Al-Oula design was presented, competitors picked it up and quickly tried to imitate it, which made more than half of fiberglass pools in the KSA designed by our engineers, and the secret of quality and precise details of tuning remains far For shape is the hard factor!

Pool Accessories

The first outlets provide you with all the accessories, supplies and equipment of swimming pools, such as pumps and filters to headlights, passing through cleaning supplies such as chlorine in addition to water slides and jumping platforms for swimming pools as well as heaters and all that is needed to operate and maintain the swimming pool, as well as you can order it online via our online store to get it for you to the door. 

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Variety of products, easy to order and fast delivery! 

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