Security and Safety

HYX life jacket (swim jacket)

HYX life jacket (swim jacket) has three straps on the chest area. It is adjustable so you can adjust it to any size you need and suit you. Design that does not restrict your movement while swimming. Excellent workmanship makes the HYX life jacket (swim jacket) last a long period of time.

Aluminum life hook for swimming pools

A life hook for swimming pools is an important piece of equipment for public safety while swimming. Suitable for all straight columns except telescopic columns. Made of durable anodized aluminum, perfect for emergency situations.

Sharky Fabric Swim Jacket (Large + Kids)

Beautiful and bright color for better visibility. Outer shell made of polyester with sponge to ensure safe buoyancy on the surface of the water. Adjustable and easy to install The belts are resizable. Suitable for adults and children. Fabric inner lining for ultimate comfort.

Small life jacket

A life jacket for swimming pools is essential life-saving equipment. Versatile in swimming pools and in the sea. It is flexible and light in size, as it is made of polyethylene plastic.


LIFE JACKET, gives confidence while swimming. It helps you float in the water safely. It features two adjustable straps to suit the comfort of the wearer. Inflatable, suitable for children and new swimmers. Attractive and modern design.

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