Sanitization and Cleanliness

LG Side 60 Betty Super National

G-Side 60 Bit Super to maintain the sterilization of your swimming pool. Non-foaming solution. Nice smell. Eliminates all types of algae. It can be used safely with chlorine.

Aqueous acid 31% / 30 litres

Water based acid, compatible with all swimming pools. Maintains the appropriate acidity and alkalinity level of water. Safe to use.

Dry acid box 2 kg

A box of dry acid, sodium bisulfate in the form of granules. Safe to use. instant. Maintains pH levels in balance. Prevents excess calcium accumulation.

Chlorine tablets dispenser

Chlorine Tablet Dispenser, keeps your pool clean by floating chlorine. It is unsinkable thanks to its foam padding and supporting materials. You will no longer find chlorine stains at the bottom of your pool. Chlorine tablet dispenser with tight lid and twist lock. It has a sturdy design unlike other chlorine devices. High capacity. Corrosion …

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Floklant PT Super 1 liter can/dust filter

Focused installation. Helps grab dust and filter murky water. Effective at all temperatures. An ideal choice for all types of filters as it does not clog the filter ports. It helps you reduce the use of disinfectants because it removes dirt particles.

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