Al-Oula Fiberglass Factory

Al-Oula Fiberglass Factory is the first licensed fiberglass factory in the KSA.

From the beginning where the beginning

Since 1994, Al-OULA company for fiberglass swimming pools “Al Qurashi Swimming Pools” was established, with a pioneering experience in the field of manufacturing swimming pools and fiberglass products in accordance with the approved specifications and standards. Since then, it has been, and still is, by the grace of God, distinguished in its field, as it has worked to keep abreast of developments and the latest technology and has used robotic in its factories to manufacture swimming pools in all their exact details. The company produces various designs and shapes of family swimming pools of large sizes and swimming pools for children with small depths, and the factory has production lines for a number of different products such as water slides and portable bathrooms. Also, our website is intended to increase communication and provide information to our customers and partners in an immediate and effective manner, so we hope that you will visit it frequently to see our news, services and all new products, just contact us and you will find us very close to you. 

Al-Oula Factory

The start
Transition for Expansion
Launch of expansion
Readiness to feed Arab states of the Arabian Gulf markets

From the ksa to the Arabian Gulf







30 years of quality

During 28 continuous years, we served tens of thousands of satisfied customers with the service, of various sizes and fields such as residential communities, schemes, resorts, villas, etc., and we were, thanks to God, every time we strive to offer the highest standards of quality and accurate delivery times, while we continue to strive to develop our products and services, as we continue to continuously develop our products and services, and we continue to improve a sustainable service that make Al-Oula is your first choice. 

Al-Oula in numbers

Our swimming pools occupy an area of ​​400,000+ square meters from KSA and the Arab states of the Arabian Gulf.
0 m2
A production area of ​​10,000 square meters to serve Al-Oula clients in KSA and the Arab states of the Arabian Gulf.
More than 100 employees work with love to serve you better more than you meditate on.
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We expand production lines according to increasing demand to ensure on-time delivery.

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